Romney-Ryan 2012

20 Aug

It has a fantastically polished sound to it: Romney-Ryan, 2012.  Now that Conservare’s prophetic calls over the last couple of months for a Romney-Ryan ticket have been legitimated, it is time to unpack what this pick means in the race for the White House.

There is perhaps no word that better describes what Paul Ryan provides for the Romney campaign than ‘versatility.’  A Ryan running mate gives Mitt Romney the legitimacy to argue a whole host of issues where he previously lacked authenticity.  This pick says we all really need to start listening to what Mitt Romney is saying rather than trying to characterize every word that comes out of his mouth, sometimes even before he speaks them.  I absolutely love Jon Stewart, but he’s not very helpful here.

I get it… Romney does on occasion come off appearing standoffish and even insincere at times.  We all get this.  But this pick proves that Mitt Romney is serious about this country and is going to try his damnedest to fix what Barack Obama has only made worse.  Barack Obama has only himself to blame for his increasingly vulnerable reelection prospects resulting from his actions over the past four years, and has positioned some house and senate democrats very poorly for their prospects of reelection as well.

I never thought I would see a Republican presidential effort in my lifetime position itself to “protect and strengthen” Medicare.  Then again I never thought I would see a sitting Democratic President gut $716 billion dollars out of Medicare either.  This could be what political scientists call a Critical Re-alining Election or CRE.

We could be witnessing the genesis of a decades long ascension to power of a new amalgam of political ideology.  The dying days of the old, dogmatic political stasis in America will unfortunately have been presided over by Barack Obama.

History treats presidents who renounce their own ideologies on quintessential issues of the day with great odiousness.

For Richard Nixon, it was his abandonment of his conservative monetary policy in favor of more Keynesian approaches that triggered Milton Friedman’s 1965 “We are all Keynesians now” rebuke of Nixon.  These policies (along with that whole Watergate thing) doomed Ford’s reelection effort.  This ushered in Jimmy Carter and four years of Carter’s Malaise.  For George H. W. Bush, it was his retreat from his “No New Taxes” pledge that resulted in the demolition of his reelection campaign by Bill Clinton in 1992.

For Barack Obama, the sticking point will be his abandonment of his own ideology on the central issue of the day: entitlements.

Under ObamaCare, the president will siphon off $716 billion dollars from Medicare in order to pay for his government takeover of our healthcare system, thereby ending Medicare as our grandparents know it.  Enter Paul Ryan:

Just one day after Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, the VP pick was on his way to Florida to explain to all those retirees what ObamaCare really does with Medicare, and how he and Mitt Romney have a plan to put in place that stops it.

As Karl Rove would say… the Romney team just “jujitsued” the Obama camp on Medicare.


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