Ignoring The VP Hype

24 Jul

After weeks of speculation, a few highly effective media head fakes by the Romney campaign, and coverages brought to us from a multitude of over-caffeinated journalists following the governor around, it looks like Mitt Romney will select his VP choice at some point after returning next week from meeting with some high profile world leaders overseas.

Governor Romney’s overseas tour includes visiting with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Polish PM Donald Tusk.  Romney will also attend the 2012 Summer Olympics for two days in London following his visit with Cameron.

After Romney returns to the U.S from Poland, the general expectation is that he will take a couple of days to nail down some details before making the official VP announcement.  I would like to take an opportunity while we have some time during the interim to explain why I believe a few high profile VP candidates floated to the media over the past few months will not be Romney’s choice.

I would also like to preface this review by saying that this is not an attempt to discredit any of these potential candidates in any way and that any one of them would make a superior president to Barack Obama.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio

Many conservatives, including those in the media like to believe that Marco Rubio is the new, refreshing young face of the Republican Party who possesses an insurmountable level of eloquence in his articulation for new ideas, and for this reason ought to be selected as the VP choice. There are some fundamental problems with a Romney-Rubio ticket that many people are overlooking, however.

First, this whole war on women debate is just a brush fire at this point in the campaign, but if it turns into a full blown forest fire, the Rubio pick becomes much less attractive to independents because of three words: The Blunt Amendment.

This was the controversial amendment put forth by Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri that would have allowed employers to refuse health care coverage under ObamaCare to their employees for what the amendment specifically cited as “moral reasons.”  Translation: employers will not cover the cost of an abortion if they don’t want to, and all they have to do is cite moral reasons.

Even though this thing failed in the senate months ago, I keep trying to imagine the irony presented if BP, Walmart, or Nike were able to refuse health coverage to employees for moral reasons.

The problem is that Marco Rubio co-sponsored the bill with Senator Blunt, which could become an inflammatory issue for independents if the Obama campaign decides to double down on the war on women thing.

The second problem with Marco Rubio is his narrative.  Marco likes to exclaim as often as he can that he is the son of immigrant parents from Cuba, and gives the impression that in 1959 his mother and father fled the tyrannical grip of Fidel Castro’s regime in order to seek a better future in America.

The real story is that Rubio’s parents left Cuba in 1956, not 1959 and they did so in order to flee the American backed government of Fulgencio Batista who was not overthrown by Castro until 1959.

A third problem for Rubio is that he is too young and inexperienced.  Remember how conservatives tried to hammer Barack Obama for only being a one term senator?  Well Marco Rubio is a one term senator.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

This is easy.  40% of New Jersey Republicans say Chris Christie would be a bad choice for Vice President.  I’ll let that be the end of that discussion.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

If I could pick anybody in the country to be Mitt Romney’s running mate I would pick Mitch Daniels, and so would an abundance  of conservatives.  The problem is that Daniels simply won’t do it.  Potential VP choices always say they aren’t interested in the job, but rarely do they actually mean it.  Daniels on the other hand is that rare political specimen, a politician that means what he says.

Governor Daniels has just been selected by Purdue University to be its next president, a position that Daniels has fully accepted.  If there were a realistic chance he would accept the VP offer, there would have already been an entire article written solely on Mitch Daniels in Conservare.

Even if he begged, I don’t think Mitt Romney could get Daniels to change his mind and that’s a shame…



I will continue to advocate that in consideration of all the circumstances, for his VP choice Mitt Romney almost has to pick Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin or Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

Although both potential VP candidates possess some degree of risk (Portman’s association with the Bush Administration, Ryan’s somewhat polarizing Path to Prosperity), Ryan and Portman both embody almost every quality you would seek in the Vice-President of the United States. This along with new polling data coming out of Wisconsin pushing that state into the battleground category, means both Portman and Ryan are from swing states.


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