The Veepstakes

18 Jul

Now that Governor Romney has locked up the Republican nomination for President, the focus turns to the potential candidates the “Mittster” will choose to be his vice-presidential running mate. So let’s take a look at the three candidates who I have identified to have the biggest bang for the buck and who are also most likely to be picked by Romney. In order of likelihood to be selected by the Governor:

1. Representative Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin – This pick would solidify the “jobs, jobs, jobs” message Romney has been preaching ever since this race got started. Romney has almost always been a solid supporter of the Ryan budget even when some fellow Republicans said it went too far. His likeability and sense of professional pragmatism will deliver the biggest contrasting message to President Obama.

2. Senator Rob Portman (R) Ohio – Rob Portman is about as interesting as a dry piece of Melba toast. He brings absolutely zero star power to the ticket and probably does very little to attract young voters. So why have I identified Portman as the second most likely? The first rule in picking a VP is do no harm to the ticket, but the second is pick somebody who is ready to be President if the need arises. With nearly 15 years of Congressional experience and having held two cabinet positions in the Bush administration, Portman undoubtedly satisfies these two prerequisites and does so better than almost anybody else.

3. Governor Luis Fortuno (R) Puerto Rico – Surpirsed? Don’t be. Mitt Romney is too smart to make this merely a play to attract the Latino vote. What has occurred in Puerto Rico under Governor Fortuno’s leadership has been nothing short of an economic miracle. When he took over in 2009, Puerto Rico was in a state of economic crisis. Their state budget deficit was the largest proportionally in the country. Upon taking over, Governor Fortuno cut taxes, slashed government contracts by 15%, and reduced the government workforce from 140,000 to about 120,000. Can you say “Milton Friedman?”

Up next… Why Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Bob Mcdonnell, or Mitch Daniels won’t be the pick.


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    Nice blog. 🙂

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