The ObamaTax 52% Of Us Don’t Want

18 Jul

Injections of reality are often lost amidst the lunacy of election time in America, so I would like to take the opportunity to direct a hypodermic sensibility syringe into the heart of the heartland for a moment.

To Democrats: The long term upside of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will not nearly be as high as you think.  To Republicans: The downside of ObamaCare will not occur tomorrow, or the next day, or even into 2014.  Instead,  ObamaCare will become a bureaucratic institution that quickly provides comprehensive health care coverage to millions of Americans, while slowly eroding the American economy to dregs and dreck.

Yes it is true, millions of Americans who otherwise would go unprovided with health care will receive coverage under this law, but just like with Medicare we will refuse to look at the cost side of this program and only focus on the benefits.

The problem with ObamaCare is not that it restricts the actions of American businesses (the logic of such an argument made by my fellow conservatives eludes me here).  The problem is that any relationship existing between government and business in close proximity historically always results in the conquering of the relationship by industrialists, and provides excessive advantage to business at the expense of the average citizenry.

Milton Friedman once argued this exact point when he said “when you have more government, industrialists take it over and the two together form a coalition against the ordinary worker and the ordinary consumer.”  Shall we take a look at some examples of what happens when government and business operate in close proximity to one another?

1. The Military Industrial Complex: This is why the government buys hammers that cost $900.

2. The Sugar and Farm Subsidies: This is why the government buys tons of sugar for $900 per pound.

3. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: This is why the government buys mortgages worth $900.

And coming soon to a not-so-free market near you in the wake of ObamaCare…

4. The Department of Health and Human Services:  This is why the government spends $900 on filling out your forms for you.

What nobody seems to realize, and what I keep pointing out is that now republicans really have something to fight for besides just 8.2% unemployment, and politically Barack Obama has nothing left to fight for.  The SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare was the biggest possible gift that Mitt Romney could have imagined.

Now the only way to get rid of ObamaCare would be to elect President Romney in November, and I need not remind you that over half of all Americans are opposed to ObamaCare.  I would read more into the SCOTUS decision than what has been written and reported on recently.

Conservatives… let’s put away the stupid, reactionary demagoguery about this for a minute (labeling John Roberts a traitor for example needs to stop immediately), and let’s just think about this.  John Roberts was appointed by George W. Bush for God’s sake, he is not going to do anything without keeping party in mind (the SCOTUS apolitical debate rages on).  Roberts is both extremely conservative and intelligent, which is why he read between the lines of what the passage of ObamaCare means politically for the President, and it’s also why he voted to end Barack Obama’s presidency last week.

Chief Justice John Roberts delivered a huge blow to the President’s reelection effort by defining the health care law as a tax.  Now the GOP can go out and lambaste ObamaCare as not only a massive intrusion into the patient-doctor relationship, not only a government takeover of healthcare, not only an industrial perversion in the making at the expense of the American taxpayer, but now they can also say it’s a tax hike! if John Roberts was a Democrat, he would have voted against ObamaCare last week because he’s just handed Romney the presidency.

You can see Mitt Romney smiling at the good news in his response to the SCOTUS decision here:


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