Should You Choose To Accept This Mission

18 Jul

In speaking with some politically independent minds over the weekend, I have come to realize the conservative narrative is crystal clear almost exclusively to conservatives.  Many independents and liberals have what seems to be an overly simplistic or confused view of how we see things. These people, when asked what the conservatives want almost always say something like “oh they just don’t want any taxes, or environmental regulation, and they want big business to run the world.”

Whenever you hear this kind of thing, you need to do something about it because you might allow them to open their eyes and realize how much they don’t know.  I am going to give you just a couple of talking points on how to educate the uniformed liberal or independent on what conservatism is.

1.  On taxes… Do not go all Grover Norquist on them and say that we don’t want any taxes whatsoever, because that is not going to convince anybody.  Instead explain taxes as Reagan explained them to the American people when he made this speech:



You have to explain that the liberal message on taxes has only to do with maximizing revenue growth.  The conservative message on taxes asks how to maximize revenue growth while simultaneously preserving the entrepreneurial incentive (you know that thing that led to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, I’ll stop now).

You need to articulate the difference in the two messages.  You need to explain that liberals want only to find the  tax rate which maximizes revenue growth, while conservatives want to find the tax rate that maximizes revenue growth while preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country.

2.  On regulation… History is often a problem for the unenlightened on the topic of deregulation.  You will often hear from liberals that deregulation never works because we tried it when the conservatives were in charge and it blew up in our face.  This will always be a losing argument for liberals, because it ignores the fact that conservatives in the late 90’s and the mid 2000’s never deregulated industry.

Instead, the bitter truth is that Republicans idiotically re-regulated industries and called it deregulation.  Finance and banking was never actually deregulated in the 2000’s (Lehman, Bear Stearns, Fannie & Freddie), and neither was electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications in the 90’s (Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossing).

You need to explain that the fall of Lehman Brothers and Enron was not due to deregulating their respective industries.  The fall of these behemoths was due to fraud brought on by loopholes created in re-regulating their industries by Republicans like this who think they are economists:



Now, this type of argument against more regulation is a winning strategy:



So, my message to my fellow conservatives is simple:  Go out and teach them.  If you come across somebody who is uninformed or unsure about any aspect of conservatism, it is your job to educate these people.


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