When Deval Patrick is the best you have…

7 Jun
I would typically be commenting on the campaign itself, but what I thought was an extraordinarily telling show of reality between both sides of this campaign occurred on Sunday morning.
On Meet the Press last Sunday, David Gregory hosted a show in which Deval Patrick (Governor of my home state of Taxachusetts) tried to take a nice big swing at Mitt Romney.  The only problem was that he was debating the governor of Ohio, John Kasich (and probably the most feared surrogate in the Romney arsenal) who redirected Patrick’s fist squarely into President Obama’s re-election effort.
Three quarters into the interview, Kasich had Patrick sounding utterly ridiculous and made the Obama camp seem desperate that this was the best possible person they could get to go against Kasich.  The debate was almost entirely focused around the issue of jobs and the economy.  The following exchange between David Gregory, Deval Patrick, and John Kasich is mind-blowing and really articulates the state of delusional desperation the donkeys have infected themselves with in order to cope with the impending checkmate  they know is now looking more and more likely to come this November…
DG: “You have not once in the course of this interview come out definitively for the president’s economic record.  Your main point has been to blame congress.  Can the president win re-election if he does not persuade Ohioans and others that his economic record is something they should build on and vote for him again?”
DP: “First of all they should vote for him because of his economic record because it’s extraordinarily strong.”
To which most living people must ask what kind of cosmic bunny hole has Deval fallen down here?  If the president’s economic record was extraordinarily strong you would not have spent the last 10 minutes trying to drag down Mitt’s economic success when he was governor of that bunny hole of a state.  Kasich, always the political pro retorts aptly:
JK: “When we talk about the record of the president, this is just a fact, unemployment has gone up since he’s been in office, a half million people have lost their jobs.  How do you say that’s a good economic record?”
You know something, when Deval Patrick is the best you have just go ahead and pack it in.

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